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My Rabbitry
My Rabbitry
Netherland Dwarf Bucks
Netherland Dwarf Does
Holland Lop Bucks
Holland Lop Does
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Here is My Home Away From Home!

        I am currently looking for cages new and used please contact me if you have or know anyone selling cages!!!
   I am looking for cages that are 18x24 and 24x24.
            Thank you
           My Netherland Dwarf start is coming  from Mike Misner OR (Tanglewoods), Ramie Grissom OR (Bun'nays), Donelle Bomben CA (Micro Ranch), Lisa Monk WA (CMs Hippity Hops), Jessie Muro ID (Bush Bunny) and Lisa OR (Lots-a-Hops). My Holland Lop start came from Mark Taylor UT (TF Hollands).
         I clean my barn every Sunday. No matter the weather. It makes it so that there is hardly any smell and my rabbits health is better. I put pine shaving in the pans to help absorb all of the urine. I also deep clean my barn at least once a month where I scrub the pans with soap and soak them in bleach water. I then will move my bunnies either into empty cages or to carriers for a few hours to spay down and scrub their cages with bleach water.

Email Me!

David Ovard, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401